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    Hello SEAL Team 3!

    I hope this message finds you all well and in good spirits. I would like to add Bravo Zulu to those last night who went through BUD/s Phase 4 in class 049. Your pass/fails should be noted to you in the next 24 hours or less. 

    Now for the current events of the week:

    05/6/2023 - Patrol Training & Warning Order :There was patrol training for both patrols. Great job on that. This is meant as both educational and team building and is highly encouraged for everyone in the patrols as this is only a bi-weekly exercise for 30 minutes. I hope to see everyone in the patrols out there. When the Warno gets posted I expect each patrol to post in there patrols and start knocking some questions out that can be used for the PLO.

    The WARNO should be posted tonight as well and remember this is meant for those in the Platoon to read and understand preferably before the Patrol Leader Order is released Tuesday night. Speaking of..

    05/09/2023 - Patrol Leader's Orders : The PLO should be posted by this night and should be read and understood within 24 hours, the latest by Thursday evening, not on the night of the mission. I do not want to be chasing people. Any questions should be directed to Patrol leads. 

    We do not have any SEAL Qualification Training’s this month, however please review training opportunities with your Patrol Leadership. If you do not have your Trident earned, start with making sure you have completed all trainings associated with the Trident. 

    05/12/2021 - Operation Red Storm 79: This is our campaign operation on this date. Remember to be on time so we can start on time. This event is open to everyone. Set your statues by Tuesday night IF you don't make that time i will chase you down if need be.

    05/27/2023-TOP GUN- It's still happening with another Seal Challenge happening in june. Slots are still open for those events. It's a lot of fun and there are real prizes you can get.

    05/14/2021 - Unit Level Training : This is for members of the platoon and is a mandatory training, meaning you must have an excuse as to why you cannot attend and a decline with reason must be posted within a timely manner which should be 48 hours beforehand or sooner. This is meant for higher education purposes for the patrols and platoon in its entirety to continue to operate at peak efficiency. I expect to see everyone in patrol 1 & 2 in attendance. Remember what we have been doing with prior unit training to get yourself prepared. 

    Awards- The cut off for awards will be Sunday night. There has been a small decline in the punctuality for completing awards . Remember if you need help making an award for someone, reach out to your fellow swimbuddy!

    Communication- Keep up the communications. We are not perfect, but things are getting better! It's up to all of us to get the platoon better. If you see your Swimbuddy forgetting to reply to something REACH OUT TO THEM! Another reminder regarding Steam profiles, all members should have profiles open and should not be set to private. 

    Mentors- Mentors need to be working with mentees to ensure that candidates are signed up for and attending BUD/S phases, communicating, showing up to ops for promo points, generally being an engaged member of the unit.  Unit Command shouldn't get any reports of Mentee's not being prepared for training, or having to be chased for reporting in for events. Being a mentor is a privilege as you are responsible for taking a new person under your wing and guiding them through our induction process until they either complete BUD/S or drop from the unit.  If you are finding it difficult or getting a non-response from your mentee/mentor please contact Warrant Officer Smith  as soon as possible.  He also runs a weekly check-in with you on your mentees, be attentive to it.

    If you are a NCO/SO3 or higher. Make sure you are getting more involved with trainings/buds and such. Higher you are, the more expectations you will have.

    Occasionally, people will post videos in the S-9 section.  Youtube is an important part of our unit marketing efforts, just like voting.  When you see a new video posted in S-9, go watch it, like it, and leave a comment.  The comment does not have to be some great bastion of originality.  The idea is to enhance unit marketing.  Everyone should be doing their part.

    I hope to see quick responses and good attendance for these events. Everyone keeps up the good work! Any questions do not hesitate to direct them to your mentors or up the chain of command.

    Thank you all.

    WO1 W. Smith
    Personnel Officer




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