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  • 1983 alternate history in which the Soviets invade West Germany
    • Common Sense Policies



      Membership in a well functioning team is dependent, at least in part, upon individual maturity and self-control. We only admit members who demonstrate these qualities. Yet there are times when written detail is necessary to set forth expectations and encourage proper behavior. ST3 policies apply to all members while in our TeamSpeak and game servers, and on other game servers where members are represented as ST3.


      P1. LANGUAGE

      1. While we are all adults, and profanity may be a normal part of your own life, realize that some members play this game while at home, potentially in close proximity to loved ones. Things you consider acceptable in your home may be unacceptable for unintended ears and eyes elsewhere. Therefore we expect that profanity be used as sparingly as possible while in public areas of the forums, on TS3 and on the game server. Do what you will in private. When in public areas if asked to refrain, make every effort to refrain.

      2. Please refrain from making racial slurs or engaging in hate speech of any kind; these have no place in any form on our servers, forum or TS3. Immediate disciplinary action may be taken for violations of this policy.

      3. Other offensive communications. The definition of offensive varies from one person to the next. What one person may consider offensive others may not. Therefore we will not set specific guidelines on what is defined as offensive and will take each case as it presents itself. In general if asked by a member to please refrain from discussing what they feel is offensive, we ask that you comply with their wishes.



      1. Command Staff desires to foster a friendly and helpful environment when at all possible. This works both up and down the chain of command as well as when dealing with the public.

      2. Make every effort to be polite and courteous to all. Call officers sir, speak to junior members with respect. Giving instruction is favorable to giving orders whenever the situation permits.

      3. Name calling, trash talking, trolling and so forth are unprofessional and immature behaviors. It is the type of behavior expected from clans - not a realism unit. Do not disrespect others by engaging in this type of behavior while in public gaming areas on or off our servers.



      We have zero tolerance for the discussion of illegal activity on our TS3 server, game servers or forums. This includes but is not limited to discussions of torrenting, piracy, illegal substances and illegal activities as determined by your state and local laws. TS3 is not your personal playground to be used for anything you want. While we are generally relaxed in what we allow you to discuss in private channels, illegal activity is not an option. Do not do it. Immediate disciplinary action may be taken for violations of this policy.


      P4. RANKS 

      1. You should be respectful and courteous when speaking to anyone, but there are some extra steps we take when speaking to one another in a realism unit. We apply the standards of military customs and courtesies.

      a. Officers should be referred to as sir, rank or rank and last name. It is never appropriate to refer to an officer by just his last name. This applies both for officers of a higher or lower rank than another officer.

      b. Enlisted members should be referred to by rank or rank and last name when speaking to someone of a higher rank than you. “Chief, I have a question.” Or “Chief Petty Officer Jones, you busy?”

      c. Enlisted members speaking to a member of a lower rank my use rank, rank and last name or last name, such as “Seaman Jones, please go get the vehicle for me”, or ”We’re over here Jones.”

      d. It is unlikely that anyone will hassle you for violating this policy, but you should do your best to apply it. Of course, being blatantly disrespectful will always earn you disciplinary action.

      2. As a rule of thumb, if you think what you are about to say can possibly be misconstrued as offensive and disrespectful, then don’t say it... or at the very least reword it.



      1. If someone is being disrespectful DO NOT engage them and be disrespectful in return. Continue to deal with them in an adult manner. If you engage them and stoop to their level there is no real difference between them and you, so don’t do it.

      2. No 3rd party scripts, hacks, aim-bots, personal arsenal, etc may be used. At worst these things can harm server performance. At best they allow you to gain an unfair advantage which isn’t the sort of behavior we are looking for in our members.

      3. Access to vehicles, heavy equipment, or restricted areas on Training/Op Servers is by direct permission only. All equipment may be used in unofficial ops, unless otherwise directed, but should not be used neglectfully or in interference of others.


      P6. FORUMS

      1. The forums are our primary means of sharing things with other members. Therefore we ask that you be active on the forums. Each member should check the forum at least weekly for the latest information.

      2. Debates are going to be conducted on our forums. DO NOT engage in flaming. Flaming is derogatory, immature responses to another person’s post that serves no real purpose. Do not do it. Your post will be removed and you will be subject to disciplinary action. Keep your debates at a civilized adult level.

      3. No porn, vulgarity, racism, hate speech, etc. Do not use the forums to distribute or display pornographic or other prohibited material. If you have to ask if something might be considered offensive then just assume the answer is yes and don’t post it.

      4. No advertising without the expressed permission of the Unit Commander. This means no advertising your daughter’s school fundraiser, a link to the manufacturer of your new car you just bought, etc. We are not a NASCAR team with dozens of sponsors’ that we have to decal up our forums or servers with. Command may authorize certain advertisements, such as the school fund raiser, etc; just don’t take it upon yourself to advertise on your own.



      1. Each member will complete a weekly roll call on the forum.

      2. Each member will indicate their intent to participate in official scheduled ops / trainings


      P8. TEAMSPEAK 3

      1. Be respectful of the TS3 channels. Each channel has a purpose. Some channels have specific owners. The owner has the power and authority to move you from his channel(s) but he shouldn’t have to. When asked to leave a channel, leave. Do not behave disruptively in someone’s channel. This includes but is not limited to; your microphone picking up the movie on your TV, playing music over TS3, talking to another person in the room, or anything else that disrupts the intended use of the channel.  

      2. TFAR specific channel. When people are in an operation or training please refrain from extraneous chatter, particularly if you are not loaded into the game.



      Your actions, behavior, and language are all a reflection of this unit and its members. Represent the Team in a professional and courteous manner at all times. While we want you to have fun, to be a member of this team you must be able to do so as an adult.


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