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  • 1983 alternate history in which the Soviets invade West Germany
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      Welcome to Basic Underwater Demolitions/SEAL training.  This training is not for everyone, but if you have what it takes, it will provide, the candidate, with the basic skills to operate as a member of the SEAL Teams assuming you are able to complete it.

      If you are joining us with a lot of real world or milsim experience as an operator, please remain attentive. We are not only trying to teach newbies. We are also giving you an understanding of what to expect as the lowest common denominator of ability in the unit.

      Course Objectives


      Being part of a Military Realism unit means having proper training and a high degree of teamwork. While we know that ARMA is just a game, our particular style of play adds an extra dimension of immersion and realism.  Candidates should ensure they are bringing a Team-focused mentality to their BUD/S class.




      • To provide each candidate with basic instruction and to develop skills common to all members of the Team. 
      • To provide each candidate with a reasonable opportunity to master the course material and meet or exceed course minimum evaluation standards. (Any candidate who is unable to complete the Class or meet minimum performance standards will be recycled into a future BUD/S Class or dropped from the unit.)



      Your BUD/S Class will include a series of introductory modules in various topics, including team structure, formations, maneuvering, land navigation, team communication, cover and concealment, marksmanship, and combat life saving. 

      You will be tested to ensure that you are able to use all required equipment. This includes a working PC and microphone, correctly installed and configured mods, Task Force Radio, and good command of game controls and ACE interactions.

      BUD/S is divided into 4 Phases.  A brief overview of each Phase is found below.

      1.1 - Rifle Qualification
      1.2 - M60 Training
      1.3 - Basic Land Navigation
      1.4 - Medical
      1.5 - Basics of Communication
      1.6 - Individual Movement
      1.7 - Team Movement and Formations
      1.8 - Vehicular Operations


      2.1 - Rifle Qualification
      2.2 - SEAL Mentality and Rapid Response Technique
      2.3 - Uniforms and Loadbearing Equipment
      2.4 - Hand Items
      2.5 - Small Arms Familiarization
      2.6 - Rocket Familiarization
      2.7 - Land Navigation Exercise

      3.1 - Night Rifle Qualification
      3.2 - Radio Programming and Basic Usage
      3.3 - Explosives
      3.4 - MOUT
      3.5 - Bounding
      3.6 - Live Fire Small Arms Exercise

      4.1 - Survival
      4.2 - Evasion
      4.3 - Resistance
      4.4 - Escape



      Respect is a two-way street

      As a member of SEAL Team 3, you will have access to some of the very best training and most realistic and immersive combat possible in a virtual environment. Among our instructors are highly experienced milsim players and US Military veterans with real world combat experience and insights. You earn access to this level of training and realism not merely by showing up but by conducting yourself with a high degree of maturity and treating every member with respect.


      Every member of this unit is held to the same set of standards. You are expected to act with professionalism before, during, and after the mission.

      Support Leadership

      In the unit, ranks have been earned by stepping up and contributing over a significant period of time in some meaningful way. Often, but not always, rank plays a factor in mission leadership assignments. We ask that you follow the orders of the mission leaders, even if they prove to be imperfect. Most commentary can be saved for an After Action Review

      Speak Up

      Following orders doesn’t mean you stop thinking or communicating altogether. You may make suggestions. Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Suggestions will let the chain of command know you are paying attention and contributing and informs them of intelligence or insights which they may not have been aware of. If your suggestion is not used, don't take it personally. The leader may have considerations you are not aware of.  Offering a tactical idea in the middle of a firefight might be the wrong time. Be willing to act instantly when decisive action is called for, and speak up when it is appropriate to do so.

      Be an adult

      If a grievance arises it should be handled on the spot, preferably in private, between the parties involved. If a resolution doesn’t seem possible right away, please remember to be patient. We don’t all see every situation the same way so we must try to encourage one another to be our best, hold one another accountable when we fail, and then be willing to move on.

      Real life always comes first

      Handle your business but let the team know your status. If you have an issue that prohibits you from attending a mission or a training class, talk to the organizer or instructor to see if anything can be done to accommodate you. Just communicate.  

      Get Trained

      You will not be asked to carry out tasks in official events for which you have not completed the required training. For example, you wouldn’t get into an aircraft and provide Close Air Support if you had not completed the course to become an attack aircraft pilot.

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