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  • July Unit Updates

    Attention all hands, This is the Captain,

    As we have concluded out Monthly meeting, I just wanted to recap on the events leading up to the Team meeting as there has been a lot of great things in the works.

    Communications: Everyone, when joining the unit, said they could, when active, check the website on a daily basis.  Some people are still not doing so.  There are little orange NEW icons next to forum topics you have not read.  Clean those out on a daily basis.  The expectation is that you will actually read them and, where necessary, respond.  Additionally, your message icon pops up a number in a bright red color when you have new messages.  You are expected to read and respond to direct messages within, at most, 24 hours from the sending of the message.  If you send a message and the recipient does not respond in time, follow up.  If they fail to respond, involve Chief Warrant Officer Cobb concomitant with his duties as personnel officer.

    AARs: must be done by Sunday night or within 48 hours of the completion of an operation if the operation is not on Friday.  We’ve been doing very well with AARs, keep it up.  AAR assignment is done on a patrol basis.  You may only rarely be assigned an AAR.  Nevertheless, the expectation is that any member of the unit be able to, working with their patrol, complete an AAR within the time standard.  If you are not assigned to the AAR for your patrol, you are not off the hook.  All members of a patrol are expected to assist the assigned AAR writer by providing details, timelines, photographs, notes, etc.  Don’t let your Teammates down.

    Awards: must be done by Sunday night or within 48 hours of the completion of an operation if the operation is not on Friday. Ensure that you are not copying someone else, as only one award is given per meritorious action.  Don’t waste your own time.  Awards are an area in which have made some improvement but we still have some work to do.  Everyone is expected to post for each operation they participate in.  Noncompliance with award posting is noted and will adversely affect your promotion chances.

    Occasionally, people will post videos in the S-9 section.  Youtube is an important part of our unit marketing efforts, just like voting.  When you see a new video posted in S-9, go watch it, like it, and leave a comment.  The comment does not have to be some great bastion of originality.  The idea is to enhance unit marketing.  Everyone should be doing their part.

    Operational mission and training attendance: Although we do not require members to be at every training or mission, we do require clear communication as we do need time to plan operational missions during the week and adjust our trainings to fit the number of participants.  Every member is expected to respond to events in a timely manner and if something comes up to let your chain of command know as soon as possible and post comments to any specific events.(Rule of thumb respond within 24-48 Hours) Since we are all adults, please make sure you are properly planning ahead with your life. All family events, outings, work trips typically are planned in advance so you should coordinate and fit your schedule within the unit as well.  Please avoid last minute drops as it does impact our missions and operations.  All of you are critical to our mission success.

    Steam accounts:  All members should be part of the Steam group SEAL Team 3 Milsim, if you are not currently a member of it please contact Chief Warrant Officer Cobb as soon as possible to be added.  Additionally, all members should have their profiles and games set to either public or friends only. Your display of games listed and profile should be visible as we are all adults and we aim to keep full transparency within the Teams.  If you have a hidden profile and haven't changed it  please do so as soon as possible. 

    BUD/S Training:  If anyone else wants to qualify to teach a phase, they should contact Master Chief Edmond. For now we have 5 people.  Extras are good.  Being able to teach a phase is a key higher promotion indicator so get involved with training the newer guys who are just coming into the unit. Remember you all were once new members and someone was there training you.

    Class 028 has been scheduled and is progress. Check the calendar.  Phase four likely the weekend of the 22nd pending completion of phase three.

    Mentors:  Mentors need to be working with mentees to ensure that candidates are signed up for and attending BUD/S phases, communicating, showing up to ops for promo points, generally being an engaged member of the unit.  Unit Command shouldn't get any reports of Mentee's not being prepared for trainings, or having to be chased for reporting in for events. Being a mentor is a privilege as you are responsible for taking a new person under your wing and guiding them through our induction process until they either complete BUD/S or drop from the unit.  If you are finding it difficult or getting a non-response from your mentee/mentor please contact  Chief Warrant Officer Cobb as soon as possible.  He also runs a weekly check-in with you on your mentees, be attentive to it.

    SEAL Qualification Training:  Airborne Training is underway and should be wrapping up phase 4 this week.  Heavy Weapons Training will be on 08/26, and Basic Radio Operator Training on 09/02.

    Unit Level Trainings:  Unit level trainings are mandatory platoon trainings, all members in the platoon(including reserves are required to be in attendance). These are set several weeks in advance so if your schedule is clear please maintain it that way. We want to have as many members as possible as this is an opportunity to train as a Team. The next upcoming training is Bounding I, be prepared to do a lot of live fire shooting and repetition of movements. 

    Recruitment:  We've had a busy month for recruitment as with the current world crisis, we're seeing an influx of new membership on the site. So far we've had 20 new accounts with 10 applications submitted. We had 4 of those applications move forward with joining the unit.

    We're still looking at different ways to extend our reach to the Arma community and help draw in more interested members.

    Awards and Commendations:  Our Unit has been awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for our actions on June 7th, 2020. The citation as follows: "Bulldog patrol was tasked with locating two downed aircraft, retrieving sensitive materials, and destroying the wrecks to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.  While on mission, one wreck was located, but the patrol also encountered Soviet Special Forces.  With the elements of secrecy and surprise gone, the patrol might well have scrubbed the remainder of the mission, given that they were not tooled for a slugging match or supported by assets appropriate for engagement with a large and aware enemy.  In spite of these conspicuous circumstances, Bulldog Patrol continued the mission until intense enemy fire drove them to shelter in a small compound inside enemy territory. Against all odds they fought through waves of enemy helicopter sorties, fixed wing bombing runs, armed vehicle and dismounted infantry assaults, before eventually succumbing to overwhelming fire.  Their bravery and valor were of the highest order. "

    We also want to recognize  Seaman Recruit Berry, Waltmeyer,  and Adams for their satisfactory actions in operations since joining the unit. For this they are awarded the National Defense Service Medal.

    Promotions: Promotions are an important piece of Unit operations. Every member should be striving to move forward in this unit. We have taken the time to layout a path to success for each member for their first 100 days. Please review the information and understand these are guidelines to help move you along in the unit.  Additionally all ranking minimums are posted on the site here.  If you have any questions regarding promotions please feel free to contact your chain of command.

    Over the past several months Chief Leathers has stepped up and consistently support the Team both on and off the field. Between assisting with website admin duties, content creation, and in field command and control, Chief Leathers has gone above and beyond his scope of duty and for that he is being awarded the Good Conduct stripes.

    Additionally Chief Leathers has also has been promoted to Platoon Staff and will be handling our Unit's Intelligence Chief role.  Working alongside myself, he will enhance the immersion of our operations.

    Donations:  As all of you know running a community isn't free. We spend a lot of money running both a high end Server-box, and web-hosting, with the additional of Teamspeak, and other marketing pieces. We also are investing funding into projects specifically made for our unit to enhance our operational immersion. Some of these examples are the following.

    • Creation of CRRC with custom seats capacity, speed and maneuverability.
    • Creation of SOC-R boat
    • Creation of custom Radiopack with TFAR/Ace interactions
    • Adjustment to uniforms for correct hit detection and interaction
    • Creation of Mark 23 pistol
    • Creation of new AR weapon systems to replace current ones
    • Creation of custom MK7 Support assets for indirect fire support
    • Re-skinned RHS UH-1H Helicopters in Navy Grey, and USMC camo

     We do not require our members to pay any fees, however we take donations to help offset any costs we have to keep the unit operations running smoothly.  If you happen to have extra money and would like to donate to the unit your funding will be accepted and appreciated by the entire Team.  Last month we had Petty Officer Thatcher and Chief Leathers both donated to the unit.  Thank you again for the continued support.

    SOCS G. Nelson Retirement:

    A Senior Enlisted Leader for the past 3 years, Senior Chief Nelson has distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service in a succession of positions of greater importance and responsibility as evidenced by: Serving as corpsman for Patrol 1; Serving as corpsman for Patrol 2; Serving as Assistant Patrol Leader for Patrol 2. Serving as the Senior Enlisted Leader (SEL) Patrol 2; and Serving as the Senior Non-commissioned Officer for recruitment;

    Deploying in over 9 campaign operations and over 133 operational missions. Additionally as a member of 1st platoon he has participated in 37 training’s which ranged from SEAL Qualifications, Unit level, and Patrol level Training’s. As a Senior Enlisted Leader, Senior Chief Nelson has led, has mentored, and has recognized the contributions of the Sailors serving with him. Without question, Senior Chief Nelson’s personal initiative and unswerving devotion to duty for over 3 years of service reflect credit upon himself and are in keeping with the highest traditions and standards of the United States Naval Service.

    Unit Server: Server hasn’t experienced any issues. I’m not sure if you know how much work actually goes into maintenance and the hardware/software side but it’s a fair amount and I just want to thank Lieutenant Commander Burke again for his dedication even though he is currently not in the field with us. 

    Member Recognition: This list of individuals have been active and are out in the field whenever they can. Please take a moment run through this list. These people deserve some respect as they have been out in the field for at least 3-4 hours times the number of missions.  From Command we thank you for taking the time to be part of these operations.

    • Petty Officer Ty: 21 Operational missions
    • Petty Officer Thatcher: 40 Operational missions
    • Chief Petty Officer Leathers: 64 Operational missions
    • Petty Officer Gurman: 71 Operational missions
    • Petty Officer Samson: 84 Operational missions
    • Master Chief Edmond: 153 Operational missions
    • Chief Warrant Officer Cobb: 156 Operational missions
    • Chief Petty Officer Martini: 147 Operational missions
    • Lieutenant Commander Gremlin: 315 Operational missions
    • Captain Vandal: 507 Operational missions


    Extra awards: 1st Platoon: For consistent excellence in operations over a period of four months the platoon has been recognized by Command and the CNO has issued a Letter of Commendation. Bravo Zulu!

    For everyone who has been putting in time, communicating, and participating as a member of this community I thank you for your service. We look forward to seeing you progress in this unit. Keep up the good work.

    That is all,

    CAPT R. Vandal



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