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  • Current Campaign: Cold War turns Hot
  • 1983 alternate history in which the Soviets invade West Germany
  • D. Clay

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    • D. Clay

      Seaman Apprentice

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        3 months and 3 days
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        1 month and 22 days
    Date Service Record Attachments
    Patrol PLO Prep Night
    Patrol PLO Prep Night
    Patrol Training - Situational Awareness and CQB Flow
    Awarded the Special Underwater Demolition Badge
    June Team Meeting
    Patrol Training - SOC-R Insert to Hostage Rescue
    Completion of BUD/S Phase 4
    Completion of BUD/S Phase 3
    Awarded the Navy Combat Action Ribbon
    Awarded the National Defense Service Medal
    Awarded the Donation Ribbon
    Promoted to Seaman Apprentice
    May Team Meeting
    Completion of BUD/S Phase 2
    Completion of BUD/S Phase 1
    Awarded the Navy Combat Action Ribbon
    Patrol PLO Prep Night
    April Team Meeting
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