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  • [Recruit] PERSCOM: New Application From Cesar Rodriguez


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    Cesar Rodriguez

    Submitted 06/12/2023 11:21 AM
    • Name Cesar Rodriguez
    • Timezone America/Caracas
    • Country Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of

    Additional Application Fields

    • Have you ever been a member of, or applied to, this unit? No
    • What is your ArmA 3 Player ID #? 76561198141112877
    • What is your Steam name? fenixlceo
    • Do you have a working microphone? Yes
    • Age 35
    • What country are you playing from? Venezuela
    • What time zone are you in? GMT -4
    • Are you capable of communicating in a timely manner? Yes
    • Our main operations take place on Fridays at 2000 EST. Will you be able to attend these events? Yes
    • Our missions can occasionally last up to 5 hours. Will you be able to attend for that length on those missions? Yes
    • How did you hear about us? A friend
    • Do you understand this is a Cold War (Late 1970s-90s) unit? Yes
    • What made you decide to sign up with us? I like how everything is organized and you have a role on the team, the cold war theme and how it can expand to many play operations and also i really like and miss to play with friends and have tactics
    • Are you currently in another ARMA unit? No
    • Give a brief explanation on your experience with the ARMA series. No previous experience with Arma, just development but i play many other FPS and real life soldier so i can adapt to the game.
    • Do you currently own ARMA 3, APEX & Contact expansions? No
    • Could you set up a mod list, keep them up to date and run them? I am familiar with this but will still need moderate help
    • Do you have a problem taking orders? No
    • Do you agree to our Unit Policies https://www.sealteam3milsim.team/unit-rules/ ? Yes
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    Hello Mr. Rodriguez, thank you for submitting your application. I am Petty Officer Riley. I noticed you mentioned in your application that you enjoy playing with other in a group and applying your previous military experience; well, let me assure you that we value your previous experience and believe that you will most definitely find a way to incorporate your previous military knowledge with us.  To begin the process, we would like to start off with a 20 minute interview for us to learn more about you and for you to learn more about us. What is your availability in the next few days (EST time zone) for us to setup an interview?

    Edited by S. Riley
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