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The only easy day was yesterday

Serious tactics for serious players. You've tried the rest. Now, come join the best. If you want to challenge yourself while having a blast with like-minded milsim fans, this could be the place for you.
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  • F. Hernandez

    • Enlistment Date

    • Induction Date

    • Promotion Date

    • F. Hernandez

      Petty Officer Third Class

    • Rank Progress

      Date Rank Progress
      2021-01-28T07:30:00Z 1
      • Next Rank Petty Officer Third Class
      • Points Required 7
      • Rank Progress 100%
    • Contact Information

    • Weapon

      • Weapon
    • Timezone

      • Timezone
    • Activity

      • Reported In
    • Length Of Service

      • Time In Service
        3 months and 5 days
      • Time In Grade
        30 days and 4 hours
    Date Service Record Attachments
    Team Meeting Attendee
    Team Meeting Attendee
    Promoted to Seaman Apprentice
    Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class
    Completion of SWCC Training(ULT)
    Completion of Radio Operator Training
    Completion of Heavy Weapons Operator (SQT)
    Completion of BUD/S Phase 4
    Completion of BUD/S Phase 3
    Completion of BUD/S Phase 2
    Completion of BUD/s Phase 1
    Completion of Airborne Jump Training
    Completion Airborne Jump Training
    Awarded the Special Underwater Demolition Badge
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