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  • [Recruit] PERSCOM: New Application From Kyle Rambler

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    Kyle Rambler

    Submitted 04/07/2021 07:23 PM

    Additional Application Fields

    • What is your ArmA 3 Player ID #? Dont Know How To Find That
    • What is your Steam name? https://steamcommunity.com/id/griddlekake/
    • Age 28
    • How did you hear about us? While deep in research for a 1980's military unit that specializes in SF engagements
    • What made you decide to sign up with us? After looking through your website I felt the urge to dig in and see what this unit is about.
    • Give a brief explanation on your experience with the ARMA series. about 700 hours of standard infantry milsims ready for the big leagues
    • Do you currently own ARMA 3, APEX & Contact expansions? Yes
      I own ARMA 3 & APEX but not Contact
    • Do you have a working microphone? Yes
    • Could you set up a mod list, keep them up to date and run them? Yes
    • Do you have a problem taking orders? No
    • Are you capable of communicating in a timely manner? Yes
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    So you want to join SEAL Team 3. You’ve taken the first step by filling out your application. My name is Chief Warrant Officer Cobb. I’ve read your application and find it very interesting. SEAL Team 3 is an elite ARMA 3 unit specializing in operations during the Cold War era.

    This type of gameplay offers our members a challenging experience that you won’t find in any other ARMA unit. Just imagine going on a real-world based mission where you have to do your land navigation with no GPS or personal waypoints to guide you. You’ll be equipped with authentic SEAL equipment as used during that time period. We like to think this offers our Teammates a unique approach to playing ARMA. It sounds tough and it is.

    The first thing you will be required to do as a new member of the team is pass SEAL Assessment and BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL School). This isn’t going to be easy. We make Assessment and BUD/S very challenging so only the best will graduate and be allowed to join the Team. If you have the right attitude and listen to your instructor you should be able to pass.

    I’d like to schedule a time to have our initial interview to go over some additional important information about our team. @C. Ty would you please schedule an interview with Mister Rambler.

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